Schematic Design in Toronto

Bart Szoke Architect Inc is a leading architecture firm devoted to crafting comprehensive design documents that set new-builds on the road to excellence. Our schematic process is approached with diligence and executed with care. We engage our clients in a collaborative experience to develop truly unique and personalized concept designs.

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Schematic Design: In a Nutshell

The purpose of the schematic design phase is to document the scope of the project and develop a compliant, detailed sketch of the final product. During this phase, our architects put pen to paper and sketch out everything you’ve previously discussed in conversations. Schematic design, or concept design, is a highly creative, involved, and rewarding phase of any new-build construction job. At our firm, we go to great lengths to enhance the inherent creativity in the process. We collaborate with our clients to illustrate their ideas and bring them a vivid picture of the building they’ve been planning.

Our creativity doesn’t overshadow the technical aspects of the work, however. We consistently procure detailed site analyses and incorporate strategic installation plans for the future building’s HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. We craft physical drawings that you can inspect and evaluate from every angle, and ultimately, through which you can conceptualize the real-life result of your new-build.

Perfecting Your Schematic Design

Our architects have honed a tried-and-true process for blending the client’s desired image with practical site, space, and structural requirements. We’ll optimize every square foot to maximize security, longevity, and aesthetics. We’ll sit down with you to go over and refine all aspects of the document, including:

  • Floor plans
  • Site plans
  • Building elevations

Thanks to our advanced in-house computer software, we can develop our hand sketches into 3D renderings to help you picture the result of our work even more clearly.

To give you even more choice and freedom in the process, we’ll develop a handful of different design options for your consideration. That way, you can decide with confidence which you like best.

Timely Schematic Design Services

As with all our architectural work, we set strict time deadlines for ourselves. We always keep our projects moving at a steady pace to ensure the timely succession of subsequent phases. Much like we maximize floor plans, we maximize time. Our team works as a cohesive unit—we find that an “all hands on deck” approach always works best.

Toronto’s Architectural Design Experts

Our in-house architectural staff genuinely love the schematic design portion of our work. It’s a fun and artistic task where we get to display our innovation and showcase our eye for detail. Our clients give us their written or verbal wishlist, and we transform it into a visual one. By the end of the schematic design phase, you’ll have a clear picture of what your new-build will look like upon completion.

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