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Residential Architect

Bart Szoke Architect Inc is the foremost residential architect in the local industry. Our multidisciplinary and gifted team of architects and interior designers designs homes that tell stories—your stories.

We deliver a highly personalized design experience for projects of all sizes and scopes. Have an inquiry? Contact us at (416) 533-7866 to learn more about us.

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Residential Architect

Premier Residential Architecture Firm

We are a fully licensed and insured architecture firm with a passion for homes that embody their owners—their private, social, and professional selves. At our firm, we believe that space that doesn’t revolve around your unique self is space wasted. At our firm, we never waste space. We build homes through intensive collaboration and unrivaled technical skill. We build homes that inspire, excite, and showcase beauty. Our architects are experienced professionals who have helped innumerable homeowners with renovations, home additions, and new builds. Our clients appreciate our individualized business model that emphasizes collaboration through and through. Allow us to help you navigate by-laws, construction budgets, and conceptual ideas during a multi-step design process that includes:

  • Schematic design
  • Design development
  • Permit application drawings
  • Interiors and millwork drawings
  • Construction review

Together, we’ll craft your dream home from a blank page.

Consult with a Home Architect

During our consultations, we synthesize all the information that you can give us about your vision. We gather site details, visual aesthetic preferences, timeline goals, and everything in between to create a launching pad for your project.

From there, we can begin to put together a project outline and cost estimate. As we value transparency, you can expect us to produce reliable and accurate quotes from the outset.

Functional Designs

Our designs aren’t just marks that look impressive on paper. They’re real-life layouts that, when built, play an integral role in your at-home lifestyle.

This is your home. That’s why we’re adamant that you become part of the process. We want you to enter the project with us. We want you to inform our architects of your unique perspective. Inside and out, we want you to have your signature on every aspect of your living space.

Discover Residential Architecture

Bart Szoke Architect Inc is a fast-growing architecture firm with its eyes locked on design excellence. Homeowners and property developers turn to us when they need residential architect services that are artistic, timely, and cost-effective.

We welcome all inquiries and would love to sit down with you to discuss your project ideas. Call our office today.

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